GHGT-12 Austin 2015

The latest conference in the long standing GHGT conference series was held in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, in October 2014. With some 1160 delegates from 35 countries presenting the latest research on carbon capture dioxide (CO2) and storage (CCS), the series is truly the largest international conference in the world on CCS.

The development that added a new vibrancy to the audience was the announcement that Boundary Dam 3 was now operational. No longer can detractors say that CCS has not been demonstrated at scale in the power sector. We should also draw attention to developments in Texas, where the Air Products Carbon Capture Demonstration project has now been operating for over one year and has delivered around 1 million tonnes of CO2 for EOR operations.

Such demonstration achievements invigorated the audience at GHGT-12. Coupled with the infectious enthusiasm of Julio Friedmann, US Department of Energy, in his keynote speech and the knowledge that there is a flow of demonstration projects coming on board in the next few years, it is clear that CCS is now moving forward and the CCS communities realisations are finally being achieved.