CATO Dutch national R&D programme for CO2 capture


CATO Programme

The CATO programme is the Dutch CCS research programme. CATO is an abbreviation for CO2 Afvang, Transport en Opslag (CO2 capture, transport and storage). In November 2014 the third phase of CATO started.

CATO Program Office

The Programme Office is responsible for the daily management and overall coordination of the CATO-R&D programme. It serves as the main interface between involved Parties and the Dutch Government. The office acts upon all critical issues and inhibiting activities and addresses those undertaking such activities, to ensure that all required actions are being taken.

CATO Collaborations

CATO cooperates with a great number of national and international groups that are active in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage. CATO serves as the national point of contact for many of those groups. The following relevant links are provided for your convenience