Linking the Chain

Integrated CATO2 knowledge prepares forthe next step in CO2 Capture & Storage.

In 2014, the research programme called CATO2 will come to an end. CATO is the acronym for ‘CO2 Afvang, Transport en Opslag’, which is better
known in English as CCS: Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage. These acronyms represent a number of technologies that collaborate to extract the greenhouse gas CO2 from industrial processes and power generation and prevent their emission into the global atmosphere. The ending of CATO2 is the perfect occasion for looking back, for wrapping up
the research and development executed within and outside the Dutch research programme. This book reflects on the achievements during ten years of consistent and coherent CCS research programmes in the Netherlands, with an emphasis on the last five years. Also, the book looks forward to the next steps.