What do Barendrecht residents know about and think of the CO2 storage plan and about the information and decision-making about this plan?

This deliverable reports on a survey that was conducted to examine the local public’s awareness, attitudes, and beliefs concerning the proposed CCS project in Barendrecht. The survey was developed by Leiden University and executed by TNS-NIPO in May 2010 (i.e., a few months before it was decided to cancel the project). The survey was administered by telephone to a sample of 811 residents. The sample was representative of the adult population in Barendrecht (except for age; there was a slight overrepresentation of people over 50 years old). The survey was introduced to the respondents as a survey into neighborhood satisfaction instead of as a survey into the Barendrecht CCS project in order to avoid selective participation. The main results as described in the report include the following (the full report is provided as Annex 1, it is a translation of a Dutch report in English ).