Implementing CCUS in the Netherlands Amsterdam 2018

The last 6 months has been both a turbulent and exciting time for the development of CCS in the Netherlands. In August 2017, the only remaining large scale CCS project in the Europe ‘ROAD', was cancelled. However, just months later, the newly formed Dutch coalition government announced ambitious targets for the deployment of CCS in the industrial sector towards 2030. Meanwhile, the Rotterdam Port Authority is leading a project to lay the foundations for a CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network, a new Dutch CCS Roadmap will soon be released, and Dutch companies have been associated with at least 3 successful EU Projects of Common Interest for cross-border CO2 transportation projects.

With so much going on, and many crucial decisions to be made in the near future, now is the time for CATO's national and international stakeholders to convene, inform one another, and share our knowledge.