Executive summary of the CCS NER 300 bid with on-shore storage

The proposed Essent Eemshaven CCS bid for the New Entrants Reserve of the European Emissions Trading Scheme for subsidising installations of renewable energy technology and Carbon Capture Storage (CCS), aims to develop a cost effective 250 MWe CO2 capture facility at the Eemshaven power plant in the North Netherlands. The post-combustion capture unit using amine sorbent technology will be connected to an on-shore depleted gas field by 2015 and aims to store in excess of 7 million tonnes over a ten year period, depending on the – by the Dutch Government – selected storage field.

To achieve its overall aim the project will focus equally on implementing a robust technical solution and on achieving public acceptance for CCS through demonstration of a safe and reliable means of low-carbon electricity generation. In addition the project aims to share its findings with all relevant stakeholders to maximize the impact of the project.