Delft area sand reservoirs by Karl-Heinz Wolf and Hamidreza Salimi

The activities in WP3.5.2 are mostly performed within the framework of DUT Post-Doc and student activities associated to the Delft geothermal project (DAP). In September 2012 Dr. H. Salimi left the university. Till then he had the lead in this part of the work package. Theory development & Modelling The new model to combine geothermal heat mining and co-injection of CO2 in the reservoir; phase behaviour of CO2 and water through space and time at varying P,T, is tested and improved with respect to the transition zones, heterogeneity of the reservoir and input parameters as expected for a field case. Furthermore, trapping zones and trapping effects have been modelled for non-isothermal multi-phase flow. In addition, the work has undergone several iteration of 2D/3D improvement and presented during the Cato meeting in spring 2012.