CO2/water volume combined with gravity by Karl-Heinz Wolf and Hamid M. Nick

Cold mixed CO2-water injection into geothermal reservoirs can be used for simultaneous geothermal-energy (heat) production and subsurface CO2 storage. In order to explore the feasibility of the CO2 combined with geothermal fluid in the Delft area sand reservoirs several studies are conducted. An accurate characterization of the geothermal reservoir is accomplished. Several research questions associated with the geothermal wells including: two-phase flow, mineral scaling, and composite material for casing, are addressed. It is also essential to study the consequence of the CO2-water injection into geothermal reservoir on the reservoir performance. To achieve this, different research studies are performed: developing a novel two-phase flow numerical approach; incorporating capillary pressure and gravity, studying the effects of dissolved gas on subsurface flow for heat production, as well as optimization of geothermal well doublet placement.