Chemical interaction between CO2 and coal under high pressure

The general idea of CO2-ECBM operations was that the injected CO2 diffuses into the pores and adsorbs on to the pore surface, thereby replacing the methane at the internal coal surface. Athough desk and laboratory studies looked promising, this technique was not yet a well-established and mature technology, and therefore implied some inevitable uncertainties. Therefore, field experiments were developed throughout the world. However, the processes that are going on in situ are not fully understood. A research programme was set-up in the Netherlands between Utrecht University, Shell International, Delft University of Technology and TNO to investigate the fundamental processes that play a role in these kinds of operations.

This programme is part of the larger CATO (CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage) project that was set-up to look into all potential storage options and the issues involved. This paper reports on the activities undertaken by Utrecht University and TNO in the scope of this project.