CCS in Emerging Economies: Identifying the role of CCS in Mexico and Indonesia by Thomas Mikunda

Numerous reports have emphasized the importance of deploying carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies on a large scale in developing countries. Multi-donor organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and the Asian Development Bank continue to fund awareness raising and capacity building programmes, while commissioning specific studies in a number of developing countries. Mexico and Indonesia are two emerging economies with governments that have expressed an interest in the deployment of CCS. Using a cost-optimizing long-term energy systems analysis model, this paper examines the potential role of CCS technologies in Mexico and Indonesia up until 2050. Three scenarios have been developed and tested which assume variable degrees of climate policy stringency, a business as usual, national scenario (based on existing pledges/commitments) and a global agreement ‘2°C’ scenario (most stringent).