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The national research programs CLIMIT and CATO have contributed significantly to the leading role of Norway and The Netherlands in the field of CO2 Use, Transport, and Storage (CCSU). As frontrunners in this field, Norway and The Netherlands have therefore decided to engage in a combined call for R&D project proposals in the field of CO2 Use, Transport, and Storage. The execution of this call is a first attempt to synchronize national research agendas and further cooperation in Horizon 2020 like ERA net and one of the SUP Programmesof CATO-3.
Parties are invited to submit project proposals that address CCUS and focus on the implementation of mechanisms to better utilize the invaluable stock of knowledge capital acquired to date under CATO and CLIMIT programs thus improving the business case for CCUS projects. In particular parties are invited to submit proposals that relate to CO2 Utilization and Transport & Chain Integration.
Proposals can either address one of these topics in their proposals, or select to address both topics in integrated projects:

1. CO2 Utilization and Storage
2. CO2 Transport


The Bilateral Call will have the following funding principles: the national financial contributions to a virtual common pot will be assigned to project Beneficiaries of that respective country only, in accordance with national and regional regulations. Cross-border funding is not envisaged.
The overall budget of the Joint Bilateral Call is the sum of the individual budgets allocated by each participating Funding Institution. If more than one Funding Institution from a given country participates in the Joint Bilateral Call, the added amount of these Funding Institutions is considered as the country's overall Joint Bilateral Call contribution.
Overall call budget: ~1300 k Euro , It is expected that about 2-3 projects will be funded through the Joint Bilateral Call.
The call is open until 27.05.201. More information can be found on the CLIMIT website

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