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Where to now for CCS in The Netherlands

4 July 2017

By Tom Mikunda. 


Last week, through a ministerial brief to the second chamber of the Dutch Parliament, it was made public that UNIPER and ENGIE intend to withdraw from the ROAD CCS Project, with the decision becoming effective on the 15th of September of this year. ROAD, which was originally planned to start operation by 2015, would have demonstrated a technology that is considered to be a key contributor to meeting global CO2 reduction targets. Despite this bad news, there could be reasons to remain optimistic about the future of CCS in the Netherlands, with broad political support remaining for realizing the technology, particularly in industrial sectors. CATO has spoken with Dr. Andy Read, Capture Director of the ROAD Project, to understand more about the decisions made by the parent companies, and to learn about possible plans to try and push forward with the original transport and storage components of the project.   LINK TO THE ARTICLE.  

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4 July 2017

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4 July 2017

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