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Vacancy: senior CO2 geological storage expert, South Africa

19 May 2014

The South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (SACCCS) is looking for a Senior CO2 Geological Storage Expert. Deadline for applications is 6 June 2014.


• Position: Pilot CO2 Storage Project: Technical Manager
• Location: Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
• Focus: Technical oversight/management
• Remuneration: Negotiable
• Contract duration: 5 years
• Travel requirements: Regular national and international travel
• Deadline for applications: 6 June 2014


Carbon capture and storage, or CCS, is a technology that reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in order to mitigate climate change. CCS involves:
• The capture of CO2 emissions from large scale point sources of CO2 such as industry and power generation;
• The transport of the CO2 using trucks or pipelines; and
• The safe and permanent storage of the CO2 in deep underground geological rock formations - in the order of 800m or deeper below the surface.

The geological formations used to store CO2 are very similar to those that have stored oil and gas for millions of years.

The South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (SACCCS) was launched in 2009 by the South African government in collaboration with international governments and industry with the mandate to further the technical understanding of CCS potential in South Africa. SACCCS was established as a division of South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI).


SACCCS is looking to appoint a senior CO2 geological storage expert to the role of Pilot CO2 Storage Project: Technical Manager (PCSP: Technical Manager).


The appointee will be responsible for the management and delivery of all technical aspects of the PCSP with a focus on basin exploration, site characterisation as well as CO2 injection, geological storage and monitoring. The PCSP: Technical Manager will report to the SACCCS: Manager and will be a critical part of the PCSP Management Team.


Responsibilities of the PCSP: Technical Manager will include:
• Management of geological data mining and analysis to inform basin exploration;
• Management of the planning of basin exploration and site characterisation including seismic surveys and exploration drilling;
• Management of the execution of basin exploration and site characterisation;
• Management of all technical contractors
• Working with the PCSP Management Team to develop PCSP cost estimates, schedules, work programmes;
• The development and management of a technical team within SACCCS to support the PCSP;
• Informing the development of the scientific research programme to support the PCSP;
• Management and technical engagement with the PCSP Advisory Committee and the PCSP Storage Sub-Committee;
• Technical reporting to the SACCCS Steering Committee and the SACCCS Board of Governors; and
• Any other function necessary for the technical development of the PCSP.

The successful candidate for the position of PCSP: Technical Manager has the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and growing team of experts, delivering a cutting edge research and development project of global significance.


• A degree in a field consistent with the requirements of the position e.g. geology, petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, etc., preferably a post-graduate degree;
• A minimum of 10 years' experience at a senior level planning, developing and executing geological exploration projects and other geological projects, preferably CO2 injection and geological storage projects;
• An excellent understanding of the fundamental principles of CO2 geological storage including, capacity estimation, project development, injection, containment and monitoring;
• Experience engaging with a diverse set of stakeholders including funders, government, academia and the public
• Experience working as a senior member of a geological project delivery team
• Experience in capacity building, staff development and mentoring;
• Experience engaging and managing contractors;
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English;
• Highly motivated and pro-active
• Organised with attention to detail;
• Ability to work under pressure and to meet strict deadlines; and
• Ability to engage and motivate staff.

How to apply

• The appointment will be made by SANEDI on behalf of SACCC
• The position will report to the SACCCS: Manager
• Applications may be sent to by the 6 June 2014
• For more information on CO2 geological storage or the work of SACCCS please see the SACCCS website
• For all other enquiries please call Siba Jumba on or +27 (0) 10 201 8159
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19 May 2014

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