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Publication of Zero Emmission Power Plant (SEQ) documents

9 December 2013


The Zero Emission Power Plant (ZEPP) project ran from 2007 - 2011. It was an innovative concept for an oxyfuel combustion 50MWe power plant at Drachten/Akkrum in the Netherlands, designed for a capture rate of 250,000 tonnes of CO2 a year. The captured CO2 would then be transported and used for enhanced recovery projects, resulting in a yield of natural gas of about 40 million cubic metres. We publish the documents relating to this project at the request of AgentschapNL.


The ZEPP project involved the collaboration of SEQ Nederland BV, ENECO Milieu BV, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Stichting Energy Valley initiative. The project costs amounted to €60 million of which €10 million has been provided by the Ministry of Finance.


The project was expected to lead towards the development of large-scale oxyfuel power plants, increased efficiencies with new turbine technologies with a ‘flexible concept' that could be repeated on many locations, perhaps driven by storage or oxygen availability.


Reports and publications

Report TU Delft

R. Toonssen, T. Woudstra, N. Woudstra, J.P. van Buijtenen

Technological and thermodynamic evaluation of the CES ZEPP Design Concept

TU Delft, 11-2-2009


NER300 Forms Pegasus

SEQ, NER 300 application forms, SEQ, February 2011

This NER 300 application of SEQ has not been submitted to the Commission. SEQ kindly shares part of these documents with the CATO community. Though the documents are still labeled "confidential", any confidential information has been made unreadable. The forms contain the following information:

Form 1: General information on the project

Form 3: Project summary/specification "Oxy combustion CCS"

Form 4: Start date and implementation

Form 5: Relevant environmental assessment and relevant national permits

Form 5.2: Table A5.1 Potential environmental effects relating to the various project phases

Form 5.3: List of potentially applicable EU legal instruments

Form 7: Confirmation of location

Form 10: Technical Scope

Form 10 Block scheme: Block scheme


Evaluation of CO2 capture technologies

P.J.G. Huttenhuis, N.A.M. ten Asbroek, G.F. Versteeg

Evaluation of CO2 capture technologies

Procede Twente, jan 2009


Pegasus project proposal

SEQ, Pegasus project proposal, SEQ, 2 dec. 2010

This is the backbone of the Pegasus project proposal, as accepted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and NL Agency. The project did not materialise. SEQ kindly makes available this documents to CATO.


Feasibility report CCS Ijmuiden

SEQ/CES, Feasibility report: options for a large-scale CO2 capture and storage / ‘CCS' power generation demonstration project at Corus IJmuiden, 2009


ZEPP presentation 1

SEQ/Wouter van der Waal, Duco Drenth, The ZEPP story, presentation at "Special workshop on oxyfuel", 18 March 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands


ZEPP presentation 2

SEQ/Wouter van der Waal, Duco Drenth, ZEPP with CES oxyfuel: Past, present and future, presentation at "Special workshop on oxyfuel", 18 March 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands


CES company overview

Chistian Biebuyck, Clean Energy Systems, company overview January 2013, presentation at "Special workshop on oxyfuel", 18 March 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands




The information reported in these documents is related to work conducted outside the CATO-2 consortium. CATO-2 does not provide any warranty whatsoever for information provided in these documents nor accepts any liability regarding damages arising out of, resulting from, or in any way connected to the use of this information.


Any questions regarding these reports should be addressed to the authors.

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9 December 2013

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9 December 2013

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