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Postdoc research vacancies (capture) in Abu Dhabi

12 June 2012

Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi has two vacancies available for postdoc researcher positions in the area of CO2 post-combustion capture within the chemical engineering program. Currently, they have 6 MSc students, 2 researchers and 1 PhD student working within their group. Research varied from solvent development, solid sorbent evaluation, environmental impact and CO2 streams characterization.

1. on amine-based solvent development, screening and characterization; the current project is in collaboration with MIT

2. on the solid-based sorbent development, testing and evaluation; this project is part of a larger project managed by RTI.


Please contact the CATO programme office if you are interested in applying for one of these positions.

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12 June 2012

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12 June 2012

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