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PhD thesis Carbonated Water Flooding

11 July 2017

On July 3rd Anna Pęksa successfully defended her PhD work on Carbonated Water Flooding at the Technical University of Delft. The main scope of the work related to the physical and dynamical processes associated with the injection of carbonated water in porous media. Carbonated water flooding is an alternative for traditional CO2 flooding. Both methods have the potential to recover any oil left behind after primary and secondary recovery while storing CO2 at the same time. The advantage of Carbonated Water flooding as compared to CO2 flooding is related to the high buoyancy of CO2 that results in gravity separation if the CO2 is not dissolved in water. This results in sub-optimal flooding of the reservoir and possible leakage of CO2. Anna was complimented by all members of the committee with respect to the quality of her work.

Please download the thesis of Anna Pęksa here.
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11 July 2017

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11 July 2017

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