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Invitation Expert meeting legal issues 25 September 2012

4 September 2012

We are pleased to announce an expert meeting on legal issues, that will take place in Schiedam on 25 September. Several participants have already been invited to participate directly. However, if you are familiar with legal issues, you are welcome to contact Barend van Engelenburg to discuss your participation.


Legal and Regulatory Barriers to CCS Projects in Europe -


Expert Meeting


When: 25 September 2012, 13:00 - 17:30

Where: Maasvlakte CCS Project BV (ROAD office),  Parallelweg 1, Schiedam.


Developers of carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration projects in Europe continue to face a multitude of complex and interrelated barriers. The introduction of an enabling regulatory framework for CCS in Europe has provided certainty on many aspects of the technology, but it has also introduced a number of legal concepts which are unfamiliar to potential project developers. The long-term liability of stored CO2 and the provision of a financial security are important examples of issues where questions and concerns have been raised by CCS stakeholders from multiple Member States. The regulation and policy concerning the combination of CCS with enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, and the use of biomass in CCS installations are other areas where regulatory barriers or uncertainties are acknowledged.


The Dutch national CCS R&D programme ‘CATO2' has included a team of researchers who have been closely monitoring the transposition of the ‘EU CCS Directive' and the consequences for government and industry. Recently, focus has turned to the salient issues outlined above, and dialogue between researchers and CCS stakeholder on such issues have accelerated. This expert meeting is an effort to assemble CCS project developers, policy makers and experts in the field, in order to discuss and identify possible solutions to outstanding legal barriers. The meeting is to be held in the ROAD office in Schiedam, and will be attended by representatives of the ROAD CCS demonstration project, Air Liquide's Green Hydrogen project and potential storage operators in the North Sea.                  


Legal and Regulatory Barriers to CCS Projects in Europe - Agenda


Opening and welcome

Chair: Barend van Engelenburg

Senior Energy Expert (DCMR)/

Senior Policy Advisor (Rotterdam Climate Initiative)


Introductions / Roundtable


Intro: CATO2 Legal and regulatory WP 

Tom Mikunda

Researcher (ECN)


Agenda setting: Key legal issues background

Avelien Haan Kamminga

Postdoc Researcher

(Groningen Centre for Energy Law)


Expert session 1:

Long-term liability

Intro: Avelien Haan Kamminga




Expert session 2:

Financial security

Intro: Joost de Wolff

Senior Consultant



Expert session 3:

Supporting CCS incentives through regulation

Intro: Tom Jonker

(Corporate Counsel ROAD)


Key points from expert sessions

Barend van Engelenburg


End of session and informal reception




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4 September 2012

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4 September 2012

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