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IEAGHG Report "Induced Seismicity and its Implications for CO2 Storage Risk" now available

6 January 2014

The IEAGHG Technical Report 2013-09 - "Induced Seismicity and its Implications for CO2 Storage Risk" has now been made publicly available for all to download from the IEAGHG website

Induced seismicity has been widely reported over the last 40 years. To date few induced earthquakes have been recorded at CO2 storage sites, however, the volumes of injected CO2 are typically small and the onsite seismograph networks are often limited. Injecting commercial-scale volumes of CO2 has the potential to produce induced seismicity at shallow depths (e.g. <5km) that could have serious consequences for the successful completion of CCS projects. One of the principal reasons for studying induced seismicity arising from injection of CO2 is to improve the ability to asses and manage the associated risks. Through a better understanding of the underlying processes that drive induced seismicity, the community will be better able to minimize the risk to CCS projects through a thorough risk management plan and may ultimately be able to control the behavior of induced events.
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6 January 2014

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6 January 2014

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