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IEA report: world not on track to mitigate climate change

26 April 2012

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has compiled a report about progress in the development and use of climate change mitigating technologies. Progress is too slow: only renewable power is on track. The IEA strongly recommends investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Tracking Clean Energy Progress

You may download the report here.


Each technology is scored according to a traffic light scorecard. Of 11 technologies to reduce emissions, only renewable power - particularly from wind and solar - merited a green for being on track. Fuel economy, electric vehicles and industry were given an amber. Most of the chart is red, including biofuels for transport; building efficiency; nuclear power; carbon capture and storage in industry and power generation; and cleaner conventional coal. The IEA concludes: "The current trend of increasing emissions is unbroken with no stabilisation of GHG [greenhouse gas] concentrations in sight."

Recommendation about CCS


The table is taken from page 6 of the IEA report Tracking Clean Energy Progress; the following text is copied from page 8 of the report.


Step-up to the CCS challenge
CCS technologies deserve to be singled out. CCS remains critical to reducing CO2 emissions from the power and industry sectors, but fundamental challenges must be addressed if this technology is to meet its potential. Public funding for demonstration projects remains inadequate compared with the level of ambition associated with CCS; large-scale integrated projects are coming on line far too slowly; beyond demonstration projects, incentives to develop CCS projects are lacking; and too little attention has so far been given to CCS applications in industries other than the power sector, such as iron and steel, cement manufacturing, refining or biofuel production. Without CCS technologies, the cost of achieving CO2 emissions reduction objectives will increase.

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26 April 2012

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26 April 2012

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