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Report of GHGT-10: Largest CCS conference ever

9 November 2010

One month ago (19-23 September 2010), Amsterdam hosted the tenth version of the International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies. Some 1600 scientists were present at a conference that provided an excellent overview of the near future of carbon capture and storage. The CCS community can hardly wait to take the next step.


Some 250 presentations and 700 posters enlightened the four days of conference. The conference - theme: from research to reality - showed that CCS is taken seriously as a low-carbon technology. But still a lot of issues have to be solved, not only scientifically and technologically, but also economically, politically and socially.

All issues were discussed in four days, mostly from a scientific view, during discussion panels and during plenary sessions with VIPs from outside the CCS community. Wim Turkenburg, head of the programme committee, was very satisfied with the debate: "Our theme, ‘from research to reality', was confirmed in many ways. The presentations, posters and the exhibition showed that science is coming down from the ivory tower and industry is very interested."

One way science showed to become more aware of the outside world is the increase in social research. Turkenburg, professor at Utrecht University: "In general, science is deepened. But now we pay more attention to aspects like public perception. We are really learning a lot there."

Turkenburg concludes by looking at the science on capture and storage, as presented during the conference. "If I look at capture today, I must admit increasing the efficiency will take more effort than we expected in 1992. Probably, that will mean that capture will stay more expensive than we expected."

"Regarding storage, this conference leads to the conclusion that generic remarks about theoretical, technical, economic or social potential simply are not possible. Every storage site is unique, as several speakers confirmed. We will have to communicate that better to the outside world."  The 11th version of the GHGT will be organised by Japan, from 18 until 22 November 2012 in Kyoto.

More information: DOWNLOAD daily conference bulletins from CATO website.


During the final plenary session of GHGT-10, 5 short movies were shown, you download them as well


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9 November 2010

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9 November 2010

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