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Energy Forum report on Dutch pathways for CO2 reduction

26 March 2012

Energy Forum NL has drawn up scenarios for considerable reduction of Dutch CO2 emissions (40% less in 2030 compared with 1990). Their report uses a lowest-cost approach, supplemented with the employment of some new(er) technologies that will contribute to the Dutch capacity to further reduce emissions after 2030.  'Business as usual' (taking no abatement measures at all) will likely result in an increase of CO2 emissions by 11% in 2030, compared to 1990.


The report has not only taken into account the energy use by the power sector, but also other energy-intensive sectors such as buildings, industry, agriculture and transport. The Dutch starting position for CO2 reduction is excellent. However, the costs will rise considerably, the later the Netherlands start implementing mitigation measures. The European context is also a significant factor in the choices that companies face. An interesting table on page 40 of the report explains that the costs of several alternative technologies all fall within the same range. In other words, much will depend on policy choices and the on the development of the costs of fossil resources.


You can download the report here.

Role of CCS: essential for industry, necessary for power sector

Appendix E to the report describes the CCS-pathway in more detail. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is crucial to meet the reduction targets in industry. Other measures are insufficient. In the power sector, power plants plus CCS have a crucial role to play in maintaining the supply of energy equal to demand 24/7, where renewable sources such as wind or solar power cannot provide a constant stream of electricity.
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26 March 2012

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26 March 2012

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