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Climate change, denialists and guerrilla marketing: CATO's New Year Event

7 February 2012

CATO's New Year Event of 7 February 2012 kicked off with a presentation about the facts of climate change by professor Harro Meijer (RUG). Then, the group of TNO trainees took the floor with an original presentation of their ideas about communication on CCS.  The drinks afterwards were accompanied by a buffet of traditional Dutch winter dishes such as hotchpotch, kale mash and sauerkraut.

Facts about climate change

Professor Harro Meijer gave a very interesting overview of the scientific knowledge of the factors attributing to global warming and/or cooling. His presentation is a complete overview of the factors involved in our climate system and the role of anthropogenic CO2-emissions in global warming. Every denialist argument can be refuted by sound scientific facts and theories. Even though not all the facts about the intricate climate system of our planet are yet known in detail, the mountain of evidence is quite convincing.


Presentation on climate change (PDF, 4,5 MB)

Guerrilla marketing: an ethical form of communication?


The group of TNO trainees had developed an interactive presentation about their communication supporting ethics tool, and their suggestion that CATO could/should use guerrilla marketing strategies to spread the word about climate change and the role of CCS as a mitigating measure. The CATO community had different standpoints on this issue. Yes, we do have a role in engaging people, together with other organisations, in the debate about climate change caused by anthropogenic CO2-emissions. However, there was a division when asked whether guerrilla marketing techniques could be employed by CATO. Some people mainly objected to the word guerrilla and its agressive connotation; surprise communication is welcomed by more CATO-members.


More information on the ethics tool

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7 February 2012

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7 February 2012

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