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CCS risk management guidance

11 March 2013

Knowledge-based, consistent and robust hazard management may help the introduction of CCS technology. An international project, CO2RISKMAN, has therefore developed a publicly-available guidance on major accident risk management of the carbon dioxide (CO2) stream within CSS projects.


The project has studied risks of CO2 such as the rapid corrosion that can occur if water enters a CO2 system, the very cold temperatures that can occur if a CO2 system is depressurised, the effect of impurities, the difficulties associated with modelling leaks, and the toxicological effects on humans when air with a high CO2 concentration is inhaled. With the guidance, CCS engineers, project management, system operators, hazard management specialists, and others who have a key role in delivering a safe operation can take effective risk management measures.

CO2RISKMAN guidance

The CO2RISKMAN guidance systematically presents and explains all the main issues and aspects associated with CO2 that need to be considered within a robust hazard management process. It discusses the potential safety and environmental hazards, their causes, escalation routes and possible consequences. In addition, for each link of the CCS chain the guidance provides assistance on hazard identification, risk assessment and what can be done to reduce the risks down to an acceptable level.


Recognising that the guidance needs to be readily assessable to a wide range of people with different backgrounds and requirements, the guidance has been developed into four ‘Level' documents. Level 1 provides a concise executive summary whereas Level 4 is a 300 page, in-depth, knowledge source that is sub-divided to address each link of the CCS chain.

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11 March 2013

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11 March 2013

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