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Debate: 'CCS bad measure because of lower efficiency of coal plants' (blog Paulus Jansen SP)

6 December 2010

In his blog, Paulus Jansen, SP-member of the Chamber of Deputies (Tweede Kamer), suggests that carbon capture and storage is the worst measure to reduce CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants as the efficiency of the power plant dramatically decreases.

When applying carbon capture and storage in order to reduce CO2 emissions, the efficiency of the coal power plant indeed reduces because of the extra energy needed to apply this technology. This is a big problem and CATO is doing research in order to help reduce this inefficiency. However, efficiency is not always the most important argument for choosing a measure which reduces CO2 emissions. Also other aspects in the entire chain play an important role, such as the cost and total emissions. Sometimes yield loss is accepted, because the gains, that is the benefits for the climate are greater. Efficiency of energy is an important topic in the discussion, but should be placed in the proper context. The complete article is only available in Dutch.

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6 December 2010

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6 December 2010

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