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Call for papers GHGT11 (deadline 10 February)

17 January 2012

You are invited to submit abstracts for consideration, for both oral and poster presentations, related to the technical themes of the conference. Deadline: 10 February 2011


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Technical themes GHGT11

Advances in CO2 capture technology development.
Developments in CO2 geological storage.
Developments in other storage options for CO2.
CCS for industrial sources (non-power).
Transport and infrastructure development.
Towards negative CO2 emissions.
CO2 utilisation options.
Demonstration projects and major national and international CCS research, development and demonstration programmes.
CCS technology assessment and system integration.
Commercial issues.
Public perception and acceptance of CCS and communication on CCS.
Energy and climate change policies and CCS.
Legal and regulatory aspects of CCS and long term liability of CO2 storage.
Education, training and capacity building.
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17 January 2012

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17 January 2012

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