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Call for papers 4th EAGE Storage Workshop

7 October 2013

It is now possible to submit your papers for the 'Fourth EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop' to be held 23- 25 April 2014 in Stavanger Norway.

Themed 'Demonstrating storage integrity and building confidence in CCS' the workshop will address the current state of the art with respect to the overall integrity of a CO2 storage.

The workshop will explore the need to increase communication and share experience and knowledge gained from various field- and demonstration projects worldwide. Furthermore, it will address the need to develop international scientific workforces in order to tackle specific challenges, as well as methods and tools that can demonstrate a safe and environmentally sound future for CO2 storage developments.

Submit your paper before 31 October 2013 on one of the following topics:

01. Storage Site Integrity - Wells and Reservoir
02. Data, Workflows, Tools, Modeling
03. Storage Formation Characterization
04. Subsurface Uncertainties
05. Storage Mechanisms
06. Rock Mechanics and Rock/Fluids Interaction
07. Injection Technology
08. Site Monitoring
09. Mitigation and Remediation Techniques
10. New Technologies
11. Protection of Environment and Water Resources
12. CO2 Storage Potential Following Utilization for EOR
13. Public Perception and Risk Communication
14. Social and Regulatory Issues - Acceptance Criteria
15. Future of CO2 Storage - Challenges and Opportunities
16. Field/Demonstration Cases


For more information, please refer to the website.

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7 October 2013

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7 October 2013

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