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15 September 2011

On Wednesday, September 14, Utrecht University organized a farewell meeting in honour of Erik Lysen, who will retire on October 1.

Erik Lysen was project leader and initiator of CATO-1. The meeting revolved around a timeline of his work, flowing from his work on the MHD-generator, via wind and solar power, to nuclear power, biomass and CCS. It was a lively trip down memory lane as well as a glance into the energy(transition) of the future. Herman Wijffels reinforced the message that sustainability involves more than using renewable sources. As Erik himself pointed out, 'prosperity without growth'  should be our real aim. All participants left the meeting with many new insights and a (Dutch) publication by Erik Lysen himself: Varia Energetica, packed with numbers and calculations. Please contact USI to request a copy:

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15 September 2011

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15 September 2011

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