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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven



In the period 2009-2012 the mission of TU/e continues: to be a research-driven and design oriented technology university of international standing, one that aims to give young people a university education within the 'engineering science & technology' domain.

In the educational field TU/e sees its task as educating engineers (at Master of Science level) who posses a firm scientific basis and depth as well as the essential competencies to successfully express themselves in a variety of social sectors and positions. In addition, the university educates designers (at Professional Doctorate in Engineering level) and researchers (at Doctor of Philosophy level) as well as fully qualified teachers in the sciences (at Master of Science level). The Bachelor's programs (at Bachelor of Science level) are intended as the basis for a Master of Science education.

In the research field TU/e has a preference within the domain of 'engineering science & technology' to focus on specific fields in which the international scientific community plays or is likely to play a significant role and can provide a considerable boost mainly to knowledge-intensive industry and other sectors of society with a high level, or rapidly developing, technology intensity.

 In the field of knowledge valorization TU/e strives to translate its research results into successful innovations that serve as the basis for the creation of new enterprises, thereby encouraging both students and staff to opt for entrepreneurship.

The quality of education and research must meet high international standards. TU/e offers its students and staff an international and academic, therefore intellectually stimulating, climate in which to study and work, one that inspires broadly based personal development, social and cultural engagement, and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Together with the Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente, TU/e forms the '3TU.Federation'. The mutual rapport and cooperation are intended to strengthen the competitiveness and reputation of Dutch technology universities around the world. Within the federation each TU has its own identity and profile, TU/e included.

Based on the mission outlined above, TU/e positions itself as an internationally leading university that specializes in engineering science & technology, whose top quality education and research contributes to the progress of the engineering sciences, to the development of technological innovations and, therefore, to the growth of prosperity and welfare. As such it is the engine of the regional knowledge economy.

In brief, TU/e positions itself as the university: Where innovation starts.


Den Dolech 2
5612 AZ
+31 40 247 2241/2353

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Modelling and systematic experimental investigation of mass transfer in supported palladium-based membrane separators
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