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Electrabel is a producer and supplier of energy and energy-related services. With a flexible and modern energy park, Electrabel is responsible for a quarter of the electricity production in the Netherlands. Electrabel employs approximately 1,200 people in the Netherlands. With a total of 17,000 MW and 5.7 million customers, Electrabel is the premier player in the energy market in the Benelux. Electrabel stands in the middle of society: responsibility for society and environment is one of the main values of the company's corporate strategy.

Electrabel is a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ, one of the most authoritative energy suppliers in the world and present in the whole energy chain, in electricity and in natural gas, both upstream and downstream. Within it's field (energy, energy services and environment) GDF SUEZ positions itself, according to a sustainable development model with the challenge: to provide energy, to be a reliable supplier, to make optimal use of its energy sources and to go against climate change.

With a production capacity of 4330 MW, Electrabel is the largest producer of electricity in The Netherlands. We take care of approximately a quarter of the Dutch electricity production. Our organisation constantly invests in research and development for environmental friendly alternatives.

Complex energy issues ask for practical, competitive and reliable solutions. Electrabel has expertise in the field of production and delivery of electricity, purchase and delivery of natural gas and financial products. As an integrated energy company, we carry out our activities within a balanced relationship between reliable, clean and affordable. And, of course, we want to be the best energy company for our clients!



Dr. Stolteweg 92
8025 AZ
088 769 29 00

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