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Energy Valley


Energy Valley is a pioneering cluster of conventional and sustainable energy activities in the Northern Netherlands with more than 400 companies, 350 projects and approximately 15 billion euro's of new investments. 


It is characterized by the involvement of a large coalition of public and private parties.  Started by regional governments, companies and knowledge institutes, Energy Valley is known for its large concentration of corporate and institutionalized energy knowledge. Closely working together to generate innovative and sustainable solutions, Energy Valley is a frontrunner in energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, bio-energy and clean electricity.


Energy Valley is situated on top of the Dutch gas reserves, with a concentration of the national gas industry. It's located in the middle of the European gas transportation grid and this region is responsible for one third of the Dutch central power production, with state of the art technologies.


The operational activities are bundled in the Energy Valley foundation which goal is to stimulate innovations of sustainable energy, employability and economic development of the Energy Valley region. The Energy Valley foundation acts as networking organization to stimulate information exchange and cooperation between public and private partners.


A sustainable energy economy can only take shape through collaboration, now and in the future.


Laan Corpus den Hoorn 300
9728 JT
050 789 00 10

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