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Mission Statement

For Dutch society, EBN realises the profitable development of energy resources and the exploitation of the deep subsurface. This means that EBN seeks to contribute to the production of oil and gas in the Netherlands with optimal revenues for its shareholder, the Dutch State. To this end, EBN actively seeks to contribute to creating an attractive investment climate for oil companies, in order to maximise oil and gas exploration and the production from Dutch fields. In order to achieve this in the most effective, timely and adequate manner, use must be made of the existing infrastructure. EBN is also looking into the possibilities of using or reusing depleted gas fields and existing infrastructure for gas or CO2 storage.The public-sector duties of EBN were laid down in 2008 in the Dutch Mining Act. A summary of these duties is provided below:
  • participating in oil and gas exploration and production;
  • participating in production related activities including the sale, transport and storage of   natural gas and oil;
  • carrying out tasks in connection with the ‘Gasgebouw' (the agreement regarding the operation of the natural gas reserves located in the Groningen production licence and participation in GasTerra B.V.);
  • carrying out other tasks as instructed by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs;
  • providing advice to the Minister of Economic Affairs.


In addition to its public sector duties, EBN can also carry out other activities with the prior consent of the Minister. Consent is only granted if the activities and the execution thereof:

  • are closely related to the activities that relate to the execution of the public-sector duties;
  • do not interfere with the proper execution of these public sector duties;
  • serve the general interest of the energy policy (such as gas storage facilities).


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